Meet the team

The Threshold Giving team is a family of like-minded people with the same goal – to raise awareness and raise funds for the causes we care about. Together, we’ve helped refugees find homes, saved innocent animals from cruelty, and protected basic human rights. And that is just the beginning.

Management Team

Donny McSweeney - Vice President of Program Operations

Vice President of Program Operations

Don oversees all aspects of Threshold Giving including employee recruitment and training, field fund raising operations and client relations. He manages a talented, diverse staff which features multiple regional managers, a recruiting team and administrative support.

After joining Threshold’s parent company RCH in 2007 where he spent time in multiple field positions in the Telecommunications and Utility sectors, Don led the company’s entrance into the non-profit sector in 2015 where he facilitated the founding of Threshold Giving. A graduate of Villanova, Don is currently based just outside of Boston with his wife and two young children.

Matthew McGinnis - National Director of Fundraising

National Director of Fundraising


After leaving the military in 2004, Matt went to college to pursue a degree in outdoor education with a minor in photography. Matt followed his passion for the outdoors and took a job as a canvasser with Greenpeace in San Diego advocating for the environment. Quickly rising through the ranks, Matt went on to run Greenpeace’s most historically successful US market.

With over a decade of fundraising experience, Matt comes well-versed in all aspects of fundraising. Matt officially joined the Threshold team in April 2018 and oversees Threshold’s field fundraising operations. He is currently based out of Olalla, Washington where he lives with his wife and two children.

Danielle Powell - Director of Operations

Director of Operations


After Graduating from Old Dominion University with a degree in Public Health, Danielle was hired as a Professional Fundraiser during the initial weeks of our Virginia Beach market launch in 2017.  Quickly establishing herself as one of Threshold Giving’s most successful fundraisers, Danielle has traveled the country launching multiple campaigns for NonProfits including Childfund, Save the Children, City Gospel Mission, and the Humane Society of the United States.

In her role as Director of Operations, Danielle now oversees all operations in Virginia, Washington DC, and North Carolina while also providing support for multiple other markets. When she’s not working, you can find her watching reality TV with her wiener dog, Mr. Cooper.

Janie Skinner - Regional Director

Regional Director

Janie joined the Threshold team in February of 2019 as a Professional Fundraiser in her hometown of Sacramento, California. One of the Threshold’s most decorated fundraisers, Janie led the organization of Save the Children donors in 2019. She was influential in the launch of Threshold’s Colorado market and now oversees all campaigns in the region. 

Based out of Whitefish Montana, Janie works with senior leaders and fundraisers across the country.

Duncan Alonso - Regional Director

Canvass Director

After graduating from Old Dominion University with a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology, Duncan began his career in non-profit fundraising in 2013. Working with organizations like the United Way of South Hampton Roads, he raised millions of dollars for critical campaigns. He joined the Threshold team in June of 2021 in his home state of Virginia. Quickly ascending through the ranks, Duncan oversees Threshold’s IRC fundraising campaign in Washington, DC. When he’s not managing fundraising teams and saving refugees, he’s watching the Ravens dominate the NFL.

Matthew Marsden - National Trainer

National Trainer

A veteran in the world of Face to Face Fundraising, Matt came to Threshold Giving in 2018 to launch a campaign with Save the Children, in St Petersburg, Fl.  Beginning his career at Greenpeace, Matt has worked on multiple campaigns including The Nature Conservancy, Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee, The American Civil Liberties Union, and the Humane Society of the United States.

In his role as National Trainer, Matt travels around the country to different markets, working with managers and fundraisers to improve overall performance. When he’s not working you can find him riding his jetski or playing frisbee golf with his two dogs. 

Herman Bauer - National Director of Recruitment

National Director of Recruitment

Herman comes to Threshold Giving continuing a career of service. After spending many years on the National Senior Team at Clean Water Action, Herman has expertise both developing and running grassroots programs across New England- while also training Canvass Directors across the country.
Herman originally hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and holds his BSBA in Marketing from Robert Morris University. Herman handles National Recruitment for our Threshold Team and is passionate about the work because we empower nonprofits with the resources they need to succeed and connect them directly to community stakeholders.

Tiffany Graham - Regional Trainer

Regional Trainer

Hailing from the one stoplight town of Bigler, Pennsylvania, Tiffany found her spot on the Threshold team through her deep seated passion for protecting Pitbull’s. After joining the Threshold team in September of 2020, she hit the fundraising scene like a rocket and was an immediate pace setter. Proving herself on the streets and doors of VA, Tiffany quickly rose through the ranks into her current role of  Regional Trainer where she travels to different markets and helps shape the next generation of Threshold fundraisers. When she’s not inspiring folks into action, she’s crafting at home and watching scary movies with her son Hendrix and her 5 rescue pups.

Maxx Adlerman - Regional Trainer

Canvass Director

Born and raised in New Jersey, Maxx got tired of the east coast and decided to follow manifest destiny westward, relocating to Colorado and immediately joining the Threshold team in January of 2021. Working on multiple campaigns, Maxx’s hard work and skill quickly earned him the role of canvass director of Threshold’s ACLU campaign in Denver. While you won’t catch him talking about his favorite sports teams, he can talk the great outdoors for days! If he’s not protecting civil liberties, he’s in the wilderness camping, climbing, and hiking!

Susan Fore - Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Kira Golub - Administrative Director
Shelby Donah - HR Administrator

HR Administrator 

After leaving a career with the US Navy as a Master at Arms, Shelby joined the Threshold team as a fundraiser in November of 2020. She wasted no time demonstrating her incredible skills in signing up donors in the double digits week over week. She currently oversees operations in our Virginia Beach Market and assists our HR team with fundraiser operations. An advocate for mental health, she’s currently working towards a psychology degree from South University. When she’s not working, she enjoys crafting and spending time with her dog, and two cats.

Amber Escudero-Kontostathis - Canvass Director IRC Washington, DC

Team Lead

Hailing from Thousand Oaks, CA, Amber graduated from Pepperdine University, majoring in International Studies with an emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa.

After traveling the world to places like London, Spain, Jordan, Ireland, Cuba, Morocco, and the UAE, Amber lived in Jordan for over a year where she helped teach English to kids. Inspired to action through her travels, Amber started in the non-profit/fundraising world in 2016. She joined the Threshold team in August 2021 and oversees operations for Threshold’s IRC fundraising campaign in Washington, DC. 

After traveling the world to places like London, Spain, Jordan, Ireland, Cuba, Morocco, and the UAE, Amber lived in Jourdan for over a year where she helped teach English to kids. Inspired to action through her travels, Amber started in the non-profit/fundraising world in 2016. She joined the Threshold team in August 2021 and oversees operations for Threshold’s IRC fundraising campaign in Washington, DC.

Chris Callesis - Canvass Director
Harley Parada - Canvass Director
Cynthia Aparicio - Team Lead
Kiera Cromer - Canvass Director

Brittany Knott - Team Lead
Andrew Meza - Team Lead
Carly Rivera - Team Lead
Emerald Sell - Field Captain

Joshua Freeman - Field Captain

Executive Team

Steve Nolfi - President


After a stint as a sportswriter out of college, Steve honed his sales, marketing, and operations skills in the Telecommunications sector with companies such as Comcast, Showtime, and TV Guide Networks. Steve, who is located in the corporate headquarters in New Jersey, oversees all sales and fulfillment operations nationwide for Threshold and its parent RCH Companies, where he has been since 2003.

Joel Schofield - Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President

Located outside of Boston, Joel joined parent RCH Companies in 2004, following a career in publishing. He currently oversees Threshold operations and strategic direction across multiple business sectors. Joel is responsible for developing and growing client relationships, team building and managing Threshold P