Transform Your Career: Lead, Inspire, and Pioneer Your Own Fundraising Agency

We are on the lookout for innovative leaders with a minimum of one year’s experience in face-to-face leadership, who are ready to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and lay the foundations for their own organization. If selected, you’ll be more than a leader; you’ll be a catalyst for change. The fundraising space needs fresh new voices with an equitable seat at the table. We see that need and we have designed a program to address it.

Embrace the journey – Elevate your career to new heights – Become the boss you’ve always wished you had!

Being a dynamic leader or a capable people manager only covers 1/2 of what it takes to run a successful long-standing business.

So What’s in Store for You?

We have developed an innovative program designed to help a select few talented, deserving leaders and managers take that next logical step in their career of launching their own agency….and SUCCEED! Through this program, beyond honing the skills that have made you a successful leader or manager, you will master: 

*Cash-Flow Management (the number one reason most businesses fail)

*How to develop and manage an End-to-End Recruitment Process

*Best practices in onboarding new employees

*H/R Management systems

*Compliance Management

*Market Analysis for Business Growth

*Data Tracking/Data Analytics

*How to Build a Strong Positive brand (Personal and for your business) in the Fundraising Space

*How to Develop Digital Training and Performance Mngmt Tools at low cost

*Payroll Management

*Donor Quality Management     

Upon completion of this program you will have your very own  successful fundraising agency that has already made it past one full year, and together we will have improved the fundraising space as a whole by offering your voice, vision and ethical/well-run fundraising agency to help great non-profits meet their ever-pressing fundraising needs. 

Your profile:

A proven leadership track record (preferred 5 years – minimum 1 year for an exeptional candidate).

Exceptional communication skills

An empathetic and engaging personality

Growth Mindset

An enthusiasm for entrepreneurship 

A fervent drive for fundraising done right and creating meaningful social impact

Join us:

Redefine your career trajectory! Submit your resume and a compelling cover letter that illustrates why you are the ideal candidate for this transformative opportunity.

Embark on this exhilarating journey with us – take control of your professional career in a way that few ever get the opportunity to!